Theme: True North

This is a concept we adapted from the field of Physics and Geography. Finding True North is essential for accurate navigation. Hence the metaphor – In Life’s journey, we are often uncertain where we stand, where we are going and what is the right path for us personally. Knowing our true north would enable us to follow the right path. How does this apply to the progressive transformation of Africa? African Leaders need to keep thinking forward. In the midst of all the predominant endemic challenges as well as our mind blowing successes as individuals, communities and organisations, we must consistently endeavour to identify distractions. True North refers to what we should be doing as  individuals/communities and not what we can do.


To recreate a deep consciousness in the mind of attendees, that until we start reprogramming our minds to focus of what truly matters, and stop focusing on shadows, we would not see the desired peace, development, and prosperity as individuals, families, communities, and organisations.

Our Speakers

Our A-List speakers, social entrepreneurs, industry influencers, visionaries and experts!



Executive Director, Kindle Africa Empowerment Initiative



Serial Entreprenuer



Idea & Brand Strategist

The Convener

Abraham Ologundudu is passionate about Technology (New Media) and Leadership, specifically in the context of Africa’s development. Feel free to call him “The Technoleader.”

He is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal. A platform that help passionate individuals get the clarity, boldness, strategy, and tools to Intentionally execute their ideas. Abraham has readers from over 20 countries, and his articles/publications have generated over 430,000 views.

Abraham believes that positive transformation in a society begins from personal leadership. In 2015, he convened the maiden edition of Leverage conference – A nation building initiative which since its inception has impacted over 400 Nigerian youths.

Abraham is the host of Lead Your Life Podcast, Curator of Lead Your Life Series, and Author of two books; Lead Your Life and No Excuse Challenge.

Abraham is also the founder of Bramo Digi, a startup that helps businesses and organizations simplify the process of building a profitable and influential using digital media.

In March 2017, He was selected as a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative, Regional Leadership Center. YALI RLC is a flagship program of the US Government to invest in the next generation of African leaders.

He is a graduate of Physics Education from Lagos State University and an alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy.

Over 400 Young Leaders Impacted since 2015.

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I got to change some of my perspective about life, I was inspired by the success stories of the speakers.
- Otun Omofolawe
This event made me to realize how to take up my responsibilities and not blame others. How to prioritize and manage my time. How to learn from my mistakes rather than regret. And so much more.
- Idonije Stephen Aigbokhai
The event was motivating, It gave me more reasons never to give up or rather leverage on my past and tapping into the windows of opportunities all around me. The eventful event, gave me more reasons to always do a ``check-up`` before taking actions, as to determine the conditions/reasons (which may be Environmental/Parental/Religious) behind the actions I'm taking.
- Oluwaseun Bridget Ayedun